In the past week I’ve gotten 2 sympathetic (and awkward but you’re trying so it’s okay or maybe [most likely] I’m the awkward one) pats on the back which is significantly higher than my all time high of 0 so as you an see, the past week was kinda weird. 

Also I just sent like 5 emails so I deserve more pats on the back and some high fives and maybe a couple bowls of comfort food as positive reinforcement. 

Also I didn’t take my birth control and I think I’m supposed to be taking my Prozac this week but maybe it will be okay because it usually hits Thursday/Friday night and by then my midterms will be over and also I agreed to hang out and volunteer in the sunshine and probably drink some free booze on Saturday so maybe it will be okay and I will have other things to distract me and force me out of the house? ever the optimist. BUT MAYBE THIS TIME IT WILL BE DIFFERENT. 

Totally swiped this from leftthesouthside. Thanks, gurrrl :)

This was about teaching kids to say sorry but there are plenty of adults who could benefit from reading this (including myself).

Apologizing is hard sometimes.